Being a publisher (affiliate) is a perfect job for people that have relationships with businesses. In other words, the affiliate program is a “word of mouth” program that works. Our Affiliate Program is a great way to earn commissions. Your relationships with any business that has employees can earn you commissions. You refer us and if we close the deal you get your commission. It is a very simple process. Here are the advantages of the affiliate program for you:

Most businesses require you to invest or purchase the assets of the business, you will even have to obtain assets if you are starting a business up. Getting licenses, education, and loans is a very large process for starting or joining a business. With Affiliate Programs, the asset is your relationship with businesses you have worked for or you are working with. You can use your Blog, Instagram, Facebook, or any means of marketing to get the word out there.

In purchasing any business, you’ll first need to find one, then pay an accountant to do due diligence, you will need to apply for a loan, come up with a down payment, make monthly payments and more. Obtaining the loan is a big issue. In order to get a loan you need to come up with at least a 20% down payment, plus you will have the monthly payments to worry about. In Affiliate Marketing there is no loan, no down payment and no monthly payments. You, your experience and relationships are the best and most valuable down payments.

One of the beauties of the Affiliate Marketing program is that there are no set work hours. You can work anytime, from anywhere. Most businesses require you to work between certain hours and usually you must be at the office. In Affiliate Marketing, results are the only things that matter. The only requirement is for you to believe in the product or service, and how serious you are to achieving your goal.

Affiliate Marketing does not require you to have a car or even a drivers license. You don’t have to have neither a scooter nor even a bicycle. The only requirement is a computer and internet connection. You are able to work in your living room, at a coffee shop, park or even at the beach.

In Affiliate Marketing you are on our own, no boss to report or take directions from. You are your own boss, you set your own hours and work when you want to work. We are here to support you if you needed. The more clients you refer tp us, the more commissions you can earn.

You have no schedule, no need to request for time off. You can start working at anytime and anywhere you wish. You are self employed. You are not required to wear certain attire, you can work in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home.

In Affiliate Marketing you use other peoples’ expertise, capital and intelligence with no overhead. No office rent, no office supplies, no annoying co-workers, no Insurance, no operating expenses at all. It cannot get any better than this.

Any business small or large is exposed to risks such as lawsuits, bankruptcy, or not meeting deadlines. In Affiliate programs, you do not any of these concerns. There is no risk of losing your business, no liabilities to incur or worry about continuing operations.

Return on investment (ROI) or return on costs (ROC) is a ratio between net income (over a period) and investment (costs resulting from an investment of some resources at a point in time). A high ROI means the investment’s gains compare favorably to its cost. As a performance measure, working in our affiliate program, the ROI is very high because your monitory investment is close to ZERO! You already have earned your clientele base from your experience; you have earned your business relationships and more. This is a great opportunity for people that have many B2B contacts. Your four steps and approach would be:

1. Talk to them about payroll processing and our business

2. Refer them to us
3. We close the deal for you
4. You get your commission

It is as simple as that.

In the employment world the employer requires you to be at the office or any assigned location during certain times. You must take your lunch or break at certain times. Our affiliate program does not require any of those. You can work anywhere, at anytime and take breaks and lunches as you wish. Your boss is yourself and you have no one to report to but you. Whether you work in the middle of the night or during the day, the result is what matters.

In our affiliate program there is no contract binding you for any amount time and you no obligation stay. At any time you may stop referring clients to us. You will receive your commission on a monthly basis based upon your pay structure. It is that simple! 

Our relationship with you is on the self employed basis as you are an outside contractor. You work on your own time, you may work for any other businesses, you work with your own equipment, all these qualify you to have the status of being self employed. Being self employed gives you the freedom to leave at any time. A notice is not required, however would be appreciated.

You have no risks. Once you refer the client to us, we take on all the responsibilities from there. You may move on to the next client without any fear.


Our intention is for you to make money, which means we do too.Thus, we have plenty of training resources such as videos, printed materials or our staff that will be happy to answer your questions. When we get a new client they will receive a package from us that contains the instructions on how to use our service for both “Payroll” and “GPS time clock APP”, which is a state of the art digital employee time tracking system.

We are proud of our staff. They are all very well trained, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They are here to answer any questions you or the potential client may have. When you look good, we look good too.

We have technology for you so you can see where you are with each client.

Our commission schedule is very simple. There are two ways you will get paid (based on terms and conditions)

  1. You get a onetime commission per signed agreement  OR
  2. You get a onetime commission plus monthly residual (based up the number of employees the client has)
  3. On either of above you will receive an annual royalty based upon the written contract


We can offer you and our potential client full training. We offer you and your client a “Labor Law Poster” either on paper or a digital one for free. This is an $89.00 value, and required for employers to have posted in their workplace.

After we start processing the payroll for the client, we will send flowers, on your behalf, to thank them for their business.

You will have unique access to your portal 24/7 which shows the progress of your clients as well as your history of earnings.

How it works

  1. Complete the application
  2. We will set up your account
  3. You will receive a training video and a live person will be available to answer any questions you may have
  4. You will receive your own “username” and “password” to have access to your portal
  5. Refer us to your business clients through email, blog, instagram or any other means.
  6. Communicate with us and we will start working with them on your behalf
  7. You will receive your commission monthly
  8. Refer us your friend to be an affiliate and get you will get a $75.00 check
  9. We are here to support you for any questions you may have
  10. Choose the type of compensation you would like. Check, Credit Card, Wire, Venmo, etc.

Term and conditions

  1. You need to be over 18 years old
  2. Commission will be paid after your client processes 4 payrolls with us.
  3. We serve only US based companies
  4. We reserve the right to accept or deny any client
  5. The client should be in a legal business in the US
  6. We offer 20% additional compensation for any minority or women owned businesses.

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