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Clients may be entities, corporations, or even individuals that have at least one employee. This employee can be paid weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, monthly or annually. The client will sign up with payroll and report their employees’ hours or salaries. The payroll gets processed and uploaded to the system for the client to view. The services offered to the client are processing payroll, paying payroll taxes, and filing quarterly and annual payroll reports, plus much more. The paychecks can be printed on the client’s desktop, in our office, or direct deposit is available as well. We also offer a “GPS time clock APP”. The employee uses the APP to clock in and out. The system has options of “restricted” with GPS, meaning the employee must clock in at their workplace, or “non restricted” with GPS, meaning the employee can clock in anywhere (great for outside sales people). The system calculates the hours, converts it to a percentage, and separates regular, overtime, and double time. The system also requires the employees to sign their timesheets digitally, where they ensure that all their time is correct and breaks have been taken.

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